2014 Conference


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA October 23-25, 2014
University of Southern California

TEX - FAB Exhibition

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Tex-Fab digital design to fabrication competition for 2014 is Plasticity. PLASTICITY, the quality of being able to be made into different shapes, to be molded or altered, is a quality that is pervasive in contemporary design. This idea can manifest as a material providing haptic experience or as a concept defining relational interaction with performative consequence. Plasticity extends beyond the design disciplines into biologics where organisms with the same genotype vary in developmental pattern, in phenotype, or in behavior according to varying environmental conditions. Plasticity seeks to frame this concept within an architectural proposal that foregrounds the application of parametric design and digital fabrication with composite material systems, casting, forming, 3D printing, fluid assemblies of profiles and even activated networks of robotic components are techniques to consider as potential building components in an architecture of plasticity.

More Exhibition Conten to to be Announced soon...